Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Wendy of @wendology

Clothing - Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Wendy of @wendology

If you love kids’ fashion, then you should definitely check out Wendy’s Instagram account where her two little darlings, Hayley and Finley, pose up a storm in the latest threads. We chatted with Wendy and asked her about her passion for kids fashion and tips on taking fabulous OOTD shots of the little ones. 

Hi Wendy! Could you tell us more about yourself? What do you do and how did you come to posting daily pictures of your kids' outfits?

I'm a full time working mom, a teacher to be exact. I have been teaching for 17 years! I got married late and had kids late, so life only began in my thirties hahaha! 

I became active on Instagram when I wanted to document my daughter's milestones. Because I am also into fashion, I transferred this interest to my children since I gained so much weight after having kids that I couldn't be fashionable anymore (laugh). I also started to pursue my passion for photography. One thing led to another and now I am able to marry both my interest in fashion and passion for photography, using Instagram as an outlet. 

Wendology, Hayley and Finely

On Hayley, Crazy Garden Oversized Dress available here.

We love how stylish Hayley and Finley are! Where do you hunt for their trendy outfits?

While browsing Instagram, I found that there were shops selling kids clothes on the Instagram platform. 90% of my kids' outfits are from shops that can be found there, and mostly from the US and Australia.

Do you style all their outfits? Or do they get to choose what they want to wear? 

Yes, all styling is done by me. From hair bows, hats, bags, to shoes and even choice of socks. Hayley gets to choose what she wants to wear sometimes, with quality control by me. Finley is too young to choose haha! I'm lucky they are not picky about the clothes they wear!  

Wendology, Hayley, Bobo ChosesWendology, Hayley, Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses Striped Top Terry Slide available here.

We have been wondering what do you do with the outfits that Hayley and Finley have outgrown? Do you keep or sell them? How do we get dibs?

I sell the ones that have high market value. The resell market in the US is extremely popular, unlike that in Singapore. I sell them on BST (Buy Sell Trade) groups on Facebook, or my closet Instagram account. Friends and even strangers usually contact me via Instagram to ask for dibs or to sell them Hayley's clothes. I oblige wherever possible. For clothes that cannot sell well, I usually give them away to friends, or to the Salvation Army, or even to my helper to send back to her home country. 


Wendology, kids ootd, Finley

Milk Tee available here.

Linen Harem Pants available here.

Hayley and Finley always look very comfortable in front of the camera. How do you get them to pose? How long do you take to finally get that one good picture? Any photography tips on getting good OOTD pictures of kids?

I started getting Hayley to pose by standing against a wall, with an iPad playing a video above my head as a distraction. Or I “bribed” her with treats. After getting Hayley used to the wall, I moved on to outdoor shoots. I also instruct and demonstrate to her how she can pose. Now that she is older, she doesn't really need any treats anymore and she automatically poses for me. I use the same method for Finley and it is working so far. 

Getting good pictures can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 mins, depending on their mood. I usually use the burst mode function of my camera, hence I usually get 5 good pictures out of the 50 that I take hahaha!  

Wendology, Hayley, Pom Pom hat

Wendology, Hayley, Arch n Ollie

Pastel Bliss Feather Headband available here.

Do your children get recognised in public? How do they react to strangers’ attention? Have you ever felt concerned about their privacy? 

Occasionally they get recognised in public. I don't think we are popular enough to be recognised. When we do, I will get the kids to say hello. If they ask for pictures, I will also oblige, with a request to tag me if they want to post the pic on Instagram.

Yes, privacy is a big issue for me, I screen my followers regularly and block suspicious accounts. I am well aware that having a public Instagram account increases the likelihood of my kids' pictures being stolen and used inappropriately. But because we are now Instagram influencers, it is difficult to privatise our account. When my kids are mature enough to make decisions on their own and wish to stop having their pictures posted on Instagram, I will respect their decision.

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