Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Yasmin of @im_nettyy

You might have seen snaps of Yasmin’s home published in a couple of Singapore home and decor publications. So when it comes to home styling, this mom clearly knows what she is doing. Follow us along and learn her tips and tricks on making her home always awe-inspiring.

Hey, Yasmin! Could you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, I am Yasmin Yap. I am an educator, financial advisor, a florist, a cook, a cleaner, a discipline mistress, an all-rounder. OK, to put it simply, I am a Stay at Home Mom ✌ I have 4 boys at home - 2 wonderful and energetic twins boys, a cat son named Shiro and an adult boy, Mr. Husband. I used to be in the working world as an Ops Manager for 6 years before I decided to switch to a more challenging role, a stay at home mom.

Yasmin Yap - Izra & Mika Bistro 

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We love every corner of your home! How would you describe your interior style in 3 words?

I love chic, natural living, and versatile spaces.

Basically, my style is just a compilation of things that I like. I like to rearrange stuff around the house every now and then just to make it a more conducive environment, esp for my boys as they are growing up and everyday learning. 

Yasmin Yap - Izra & Mika

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Where do you find inspiration for your home styling? Any blogs/websites/Pinterest/Instagram accounts that we should know about?

Instagram is my main source of inspiration. I love clean spaces with slow living feel. You should check out @playfulmodernkids, @lepetitfika, and @roseyroselan accounts. I adore them.

Yasmin @im_netty home

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Growing a family often means toys and trinkets can take over our homes. Do you have any tips on keeping the house still looking stylish?

I have to admit that sometimes the house does get messy. But my main trick is having stylish storage options. I have different storage baskets to store various types of toys. It makes it easier for the boys to clean up after their ‘projects’ at the end of the day. These baskets can really hide the mess while adding style notes to the room too 🤗

Person - Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Yasmin of @im_nettyy

Lastly, we also adore your gorgeous breakfast bowls very much. How do you manage to make picture-perfect breakfast in the hectic mornings? And would you mind sharing one of your favourite recipes?

My daily life is pretty much a routine. I would get the boys ready for school first thing in the morning. Once the boys are in school, that is when I will make myself breakfast smoothie - my ME time to perk up my day.

Here’s a recipe for my favourite Blackberry Banana Smoothie:

To get nice creamy texture, we will need 2 frozen banana, about 6-8 frozen blackberries, 1/4 cup of milk and a tablespoon of agave syrup. Blend everything together and top it with your favourite fruits!

Plant - Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Yasmin of @im_nettyy Food - Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Yasmin of @im_nettyy

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