Meet Oh Happy Fry Brand Reps: Gina of @_hello_g_

Hop over to her Instagram page and you will be greeted with pictures of beautifully arranged trinkets, drool-worthy desserts, and the cutest cafes. Follow us as we chat with Gina, one of our Brand Reps, about her daily life, inspirations and flatlay how-to. 

Hi Gina! First thing first, could you tell us more about yourself?

I'm a working mum to two wonderful kids with a passion for coffee, tea & flowers - all which can be seen through my Instagram. 

Letterboard1   Letterboard2

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I started Instagram with just photos of my kids. Then I discovered there was more to Instagram than just posting personal photos. I found many inspiring and interesting feeds which motivated me to be creative in my photos. 

I bring sincerity and positivity in my post, with hopes that those who view my feed will feel happy and encouraged too. 

_hello_g_ flatly

Your Instagram feed is filled with pictures of cute hangout spots and pretty desserts! It makes us wonder how does a day in the life of Gina look like?

My weekdays are pretty boring as we have our usual schedule of work and school. Some mornings, if I'm up early, I would shoot a flatlay or two. But it's usually weekends that we have time to explore cute cafes with pretty desserts and when I shoot photos for my feed or collaborations. 

_hello_g_ flatlay 2

We find your pictures and messages inspiring and encouraging. What inspires you the most though?

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that! That is really how I want for people to feel when looking through my feed. I'm inspired by the beautiful photos on many wonderful feeds about parenting, food, travel, fashion, etc. 

Letter board 3

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There are countless gorgeous flatlays on your Instagram feed. What’s your first step in creating a flatlay? Do you think of a certain theme or colours? Could you share with us the steps and secrets in creating the perfect flatlay?

Yes, I think of my colours for the week. It's usually pastels that I tend to favour. 

Gather objects that complement the colours then arrange them as neat or as casual as you like. I love adding flowers to my flatlays as I love flowers. 

_hello_g_ flatly 3

Three essential items you would recommend to a flatlay beginner are…

1. Space with natural light. Best time for shooting is in the morning or late afternoon. 

2. Neutral background ideally white, it could be wooden floor, table tops, bed or even a white cardboard. 

3. Choose a theme & colour palate for your flatlay so that everything matches. 

4. [Bonus tip!] Experiment with different layouts, remember to leave space in between the items. 

_hello_g_ flatly 4

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Do you edit your flatlay pictures afterwards? Any app recommendations for editing pictures and make them more Insta-worthy? 

Yes, definitely. Editing is very important to give your photo that extra spark! I like to use Camera 360, VSCO & Snapseed. 

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