Wobbel Board FAQ

The frequently asked questions and answers about the Wobbel.

1. What can you do with it? 

The funny thing is that only adults ask hat question. 
Children instinctively know what the intention is and continue to see more and more opportunities and keep discover discovering. 
The Wobbel is what you imagine it is; a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet, a small football goal, or at the back of an elephant? 

Promotes balance, balance and creativity 
Challenges to move and play at home 
For young and old 
Play along with your child and get fit.

2. Only for children? For adults? 
The Wobbel can very well be used by adults. To get fit, stretch your back, (as a seat aid) in yoga exercises, to train balance and just because it's fun. It's possible to do a wide range of exercises on the Wobbel, from relatively light to extremely heavy. 
The Wobbel is CE approved up to 200 kilos. The Wobbel Original is about 90 centimeters long and 30 centimeters wide. So plenty of room for big feet and long legs. 

3. Why does a Wobbel cost what it costs? 
We have not compromised on quality and only use the best materials. Therefore it is such a beautiful product, it's very durable and can be passed on to other kids or sold sold second hand. It is not a unilateral toy and children (and adults) do not get bored, because they constantly see new opportunities. The Wobbel grows with the family. 
Producing a Wobbel is a complex process that we sourced from the best wood bending factory in Europe. The Wobbel is made of pressed sustainable European beech wood, treated with waterbased paints and varnishes. The EKO wool felt and sustainable cork are natural products. 

4. For what ages is it appropriate? 
The Wobbel is a toy that grows with the child and is also very suitable for adults. 
Toddlers play it differently than young teenagers and adults. 
Adults can do some very good exercises to do to help improve balance, strengthen the core and to remain flexible.

The standard Wobbel and felt finished version are designed and CE certified for children of 0 months and older, but is also suitable for older children and adults up to 200 kilograms. The Wobbel with the cork finish is CE certified for children of 3 years and older. The Wobbel is a balance board to be used standing on it. Other uses have not been tested and certified, so Wobbel B.V. cannot guarantee it's safe usage when used in other ways. Never let them stand or sit on the sides.

5. I have a certain floor in the house. What is best? 
For hard floors like laminate, wood, stone, tile, linoleum and marmoleum we definitely advice felt or cork. 
This will protect the Wobbel, the floor and reduces noise. With sensitive or scratch sensitive flooring it is advisable to use a rug or mat anyway, irrespective of whether felt or cork is unerneath the Wobbel. Unprotected parts can cause damage to the floor or the Wobbel. 
We have no experience with vinyl flooring, but to be safe choose felt or cork. 
If you have carpet or a large rug in the house, you can choose a bare Wobbel.

The Wobbel may be damaged by the use on hard and / or irregular surfaces. In particular, inter alia, floor tiles.  If there is no felt or cork is at the bottom, we recommend using a rug or mat to protect the Wobbel, the floor and your ears. With the convex side up (ᴖ) the felt or cork provides no protection and it is advisable to use a rug or mat under the Wobbel. By shifting the Wobbel with the convex side up (ᴖ) on such floors can cause damage to the sides of the Wobbel.

6. What material is the Wobbel made of? Is the Wobbel sustainable? 
The Wobbel is made of pressed sustainable sourced European beech wood, treated with waterbased paints and varnishes. The EKO wool felt and sustainable cork are natural products. 

The FSC wood for the Wobbel is sustainably harvested within a radius of 300 km around the factory. 

In addition, the plant is very efficient, where raw materials and waste are reduced to a minimum. For excample, there is no gas usage. The residue timber is used for heating of the premises and the press dies.

7. Cleaning and maintenance, how do I do that? 
Cleaning is best done by wiping with a damp cloth, possibly with a mild detergent. It is important to rub with a dry cloth. We have good experiences with vacuuming to clean the cork and felt and possibly with mild ox-gall soap. Don't do this too wet, otherwise the adhesive layers and the cork could be damaged. 
The Wobbel does not require any special maintenance.

The Wobbel is a natural product and therefore ages pretty. Scratches and dents will definitely occur, but the Wobbel doesn't mind so much. It will keep wobbling. 

8. Isn't it dangerous for fingers and toes? And other security related questions. 
Always let children play under adult supervision and let them get used to the Wobbel. Help them when needed and make clear make clear what can and can't be done with it. Beware of fingers and toes at the edges. Teach your child from the first time to never hold the edges. Provide at least two meters of free space (also to other children) around the Wobbel and place it on a flat, horizontal surface. 
Make sure they don't wear socks or smooth shoes, otherwise they might slip and they could fall. 
Barefoot or non-slip shoes prevent slipping.

Cork and felt are natural materials and are subject to wear. Make sure your children don't put these materials into their mouths. 

9. Can the Wobbel be used outside? 
The Wobbel is designed for indoor use. Outdoor play is possible, but because of that it will wear out sooner. Don't let is sit outside, because water and moisture will eventually effect paint, wood and the cork and felt. On sunny days the Wobbel can be used outside on a mat or rug.

A Wobbel without bottom protection will wear out very quickly on stones and tiles, but can be, for example, be used well in the grass. Make sure to keep it dry.

Generally; A Wobbel that is used outside will wear and tear much faster.
It is advisable to lay a carpet, foam floor tiles (puzzle pieces) or for example a piece of artificial grass under the Wobbel if you want to use it outside. 


10. Is the Wobbel tested? 

The Wobbel is made from sustainably harvested European beech wood (FSC) which is pressed and finished with water based lacquers and stains. Both felt and cork are natural products as well.

The Wobbel is CE certified according DIRECTIVE 2009/48/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys. CE certification is done by: Certification Company.

Wobbel B.V. is not liable for material or immaterial damages caused by the use of the Wobbel balance board. Use active toys always with caution and under the supervision of an adult. In the case of a medical condition or restriction use it under the supervision of an attending physician or therapist. 
The Wobbel brand, Wobbel products and the Wobbel logo and icon are protected  by law throughout the EU. Wobbel B.V. has all the rights and will also maintain these.

MINIWARE: Eco-friendly Bamboo Dishware for Your Mini Me

If plate-banging, bowl-flinging and food on the floor is a common occurrence at your home, take a step closer. If you shudder at the thought of baby bowls collecting dust after a few months of use, then come huddle. We've got just the right thing for you.

MINIWARE, a range of modern and eco-friendly bamboo dishware that is designed for babies, big kids and beyond. All Miniware products come with a removable suction foot. So when your wee one outgrows the need for suctioned dishware, simply detach it and you may continue to use Miniware for years and years!

Miniware Set of 5

Most value-priced set. A plate, a snack bowl, a cereal bowl, and 2 suction feet. All your little one needs for a good mealtime.

We are so proud to be the first and exclusive retailer of Miniware in Singapore. If you'd like to find out more about Miniware, we've got all the info right here.

What is Miniware made of?

Miniware is made of all-natural products and all materials come from Nantou County which is home to one of the largest bamboo forests in Taiwan! Minware bamboo fibre comes from recycled bamboo furniture and kitchenware (things like chopsticks!) so there is nearly zero waste. Using bamboo reduces the strain on natural resources as its the fastest growing plant on Earth.

Is Miniware naturally colored?

Miniware Natural Bamboo color is undyed. All other color options (Cherry Blossom, Nordic Lake, Sandy Stone) are made from specially selected natural pigments.


Miniware Plate Smart Divider

Miniware Plate with Divider

When you prefer different dishes separated. Remove the divider and you'll have a full dinner plate.

Is it normal that Miniware has a grainy or rough texture in some places?

Yes, totally normal! Some grains within the material extrude slightly from the surface and can feel rough because there is no additional chemicals and bamboo has natural variations in its grain size.

Bamboo fibre is a natural material. Does this mean that Miniware will be stained when used with strongly-colored foods?

Miniware is composed of natural bamboo fibre so if used frequently with strongly-colored food staining could occur. However, in our tests when used with curry or sauce the products didn’t show significant color changes so don’t worry!


Miniware Cereal Bowl

Miniware Cereal Bowl

Perfectly-sized for early baby food, cereal breakfast, hearty soup, or dessert. No worry of flipping or spillage with the suction foot attached. Simply remove the suction foot when your baby outgrows the need.

Is it normal that the glossy surface becomes less shiny over time? Usually how long will it take to notice a change?  

Yes, it is perfectly normal. There is no added materials to make the surface shiny; It naturally becomes that way from heating at high pressure, and is part of the material and not a coating. So. regular use may over time wear down the shiny surface. 

The area affected and time it takes to become noticeable depends on how the Miniware is being cleaned. We recommend washing Miniware with a regular soft sponge or in the dishwasher using a neutral detergent. The glossy surface should maintain around 4-6 months before it begins to slowly become less shiny.

Sometimes Miniware’s color is uneven, why does this happen?

Bamboo grown in summer and winter are different in color and can result in different color shading on the final product. As a natural consequence, colors vary slightly from batch to batch as Miniware is produced in small batches.


Miniware Teething Spoon

Miniware Teething Spoon

Made of soft silicone perfect for teething babies so they can bite and chew as they learn to feed themselves.

Why is Miniware slightly heavier than plastic or some other material bowls?

Miniware products have the optimal thickness for maximum durability. The product weight improves feeding for little ones. With or without the suction foot the heavier weight reduces the chance of knocking bowls over and spilling food. 

What is the purpose of the white ring in the suction foot?

The white ring prevents the suction foot from being released when kids push or pull on the product from side to side. Even without the ring, Miniware suction foot forms a tight seal but using the ring ensures a strong hold. The white polypropylene ring and silicone suction foot are both food grade level and safe even if accidentally ingested.

Miniware Snack Bowl

Miniware Snack Bowl

Slightly wider than the Cereal Bowl, making it easier for little hands to grab and is the perfect size for your favorite fruit, pasta, popcorn, and more.

Is there an expiration date for bamboo fiber-based tableware?

There is no expiration date for bamboo fiber-based products. Their lifetime differs according to the user’s habits or usage, just like other tableware. Miniware designer's baby has been using samples for the last two years and the products quality has been proven by time and  personal experience. 

What surfaces can Miniware be used on?

Miniware can be used on any sufficiently smooth surface such as wood, glass, marble etc. When leaving the factory, the suction foot has been lightly covered with lime powder which prevents the silicone material from adhering. For the best results rinse the suction foot before first use.

Miniware Sandwich Plate

Miniware Sandwich Plate

Great for kids who already goes for more solid foods. The vertical wall prevents food from falling off the plate easily and provides support for toddlers to scoop up their meal easier than traditionally shaped plates.

How should Miniware be cleaned?

Miniware is dishwasher safe. If washing by hand, a regular soft sponge is best as the product surface can become scratched with a rough scrub sponge. Steel wool is not recommended.

Is Miniware microwave-safe?

Yes, Miniware is suitable in temperatures from -4°F to 284°F. Please do not microwave more than 1 min in an 800W Microwave. We recommend microwaving food in another container before using Miniware to feed young children which ensures food is cooled and avoids burning a child’s mouth.

Can Miniware be sterilized using hot water?

All materials made of natural products experience softening when exposed to extended

heating and can reduce the product lifetime. We suggest a maximum of 30 seconds of heat exposure when sterilizing Miniware.

Miniware Cutlery Set

 The rounded handles are perfectly shaped for little hands to easily grasp. This volume also gives an ideal weight for little ones to learn balance and control while guiding delicious bites to their mouths. Comes with a pouch for on-the-go.

How should Miniware be stored?

We recommend wiping after washing and then drying in open air. Avoid storing in damp locations. As Miniware is made from natural materials please avoid prolonged sun exposure.

How durable is Miniware?

Miniware is sturdy but not break-proof. If dropped from a sufficient height Miniware may be damaged, cracking rather than shattering into sharp pieces. Please use with care and avoid heavy pressure or sudden impacts. Please do not continue to use a broken product.

Miniware Bring Me Bag

Miniware Bring Me Bag

Perfect for organising feeding and nursery gears. Large enough to fit a plate, a bowl, suction feet, and utensils.

Baby Bedtime Routine

We never knew that sleeping more than a 3-hour stretch can be a luxury until there is a newborn in the house. But don’t you worry, mamas! With a bit of discipline and a lot of patience, we assure you that there is a light at the end of this sleepless tunnel! Start with a routine.

Such a great big world we are living in. All the colors and sounds, the smell and touch, and all the things we can do! There is so much to take in for a wee little baby. It can be a wonderful experience, but also bewildering. Babies and children crave some structure that allows them to anticipate what is going to happen next. Establish a bedtime routine for your baby to let him know that it is time to stop playing, wind down and prepare to rest.

It may take a while to figure out what kind of routine works well with your child. Observe him and tweak your schedule when necessary but once you find your rhythm, stick with it. Soon enough, there will be less struggle and more shut-eye. Here’s a simple routine that works for most families.


Get ready to wind down with a dip in the bath tub. Make sure the change of clothes, diaper, towel, and lotion are ready before bath time starts so you don’t need to rummage through while your little one wails feeling cold after his bath. Also, don’t forget to always check the temperature of the water. Babies skin is much more sensitive than ours!

Bath toys

1. Animal Bath Sponge // 2. Color Me: Who’s in The Pond? Bath Book // 3. Origami Boat

Some babies are stimulated and become fully-energized by bath time. If this is the case for your baby, you may consider doing bath time in the morning and a quick wipe with wash cloth in the evening.


Play a quiet game that’s not too stimulating or read a book or two. As your child gets older, he might request for more and more stories. Do oblige as much as you can – after all, stories and reading together is good for your child’s development and for bonding – but a limit also needs to be set. Otherwise, bedtime will drag on for too long and your child will not get the sleep he requires.

Story books

1. Mix&Match Animal Homes Board Book // 2. Pippin the Penguin Book // 3. Goodnight Cloth Book


Most young babies sleep better at night when they are swaddled. It gives them comfort and keeps them from being startled awake by their own ‘Moro’ reflex. Swaddle them for as long as possible, most babies outgrow swaddling at 4-6 months.


More swaddle designs here


Drink your milk and it is time to say good night! A dark room is best to prepare your baby to sleep as it encourages the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep cycle. However, if you or your child prefers a little bit of light, you could opt for a small night light.

Night light

1. White Mini Popsicle Light // 2. Rabbit Night Light // 3.Toadstool Night Light