Have you been thinking about adding some magnetic tiles to your playroom, early learning centre or classroom but you're still not exactly sure if they're right for your children?

As a parent, you may have likely come across articles on the importance of open ended play. Open ended play is about allowing your children endless possibilities when they are playing. They learn to make their own decisions, lead the way and develop their creativity. This is in stark contrast to close ended play. Close ended play has instructions, clear directions, and goals. Board games and jigsaw puzzles are some examples of close ended play.

Creating opportunities for open ended play is important for encouraging children to use their imagination, be creative, solve problem and think out of the box.


Magnetic tiles like Connetix and Magblox allow children to construct 2D and 3D shapes, using their imagination and creativity to play and build. Children can play independently or with friends and family, supporting important social skills such as teamwork, cooperation, perseverance and resilience. Create big castles and towers, build new homes for favourite toys or explore 3D shapes and patterns, all while having fun.


Young children are natural scientists and engineers, they are explorative and creative – developing their understanding of their body, sense of self and the world around them. Open-ended play offers a meaningful and learning-rich alternative that not only suits both childcare centres and home-learning environments, but also supports the innate way children learn and develop. 


The concept of open-ended play and open-ended resources like Connetix and Magblox can be somewhat daunting at first, particularly when children are used to tightly structured schedules. Many parents believe they need to manage playtime in order to make sure that it is beneficial for their children. However, once children are supported through the early stages, children will likely take the lead in their play and explorations. Which is what open-ended play is all about!

Connetix and Magblox can be used in limitless ways and adapt to a wide range of abilities and interests – offering children a range of opportunities to be creative, inspire imaginations and explore their interests/ curiosities, engage in STEAM disciplines and skills, as well as navigate problem solving (e.g. overcoming their creations not turning out as expected), develop emotional resilience (e.g. rebuilding when their tower crashes), encourage fine and gross motor skills (manipulating the tiles, reaching as they build higher and higher), plus so much more. Magnetic tiles are a resource that will grow with a child – ensuring they will see years of love as children continue to engage in more complex ways as their skills develop.

Designed with a value for encouraging learning through play, and understanding how children develop, Connetix and Magblox are a quality product that meet safety standards in all countries they are available. Made from non-toxic ABS plastic and riveted for extra safety, they are built to last. They have been proven to support a child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development.

Explore the possibilities of magnetic tiles here.

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