You Are My Sunshine

0.1 kg
Color: Matte Charcoal

Beautiful wall decal from Shanna Murray.
Decals are created from super thin vinyl, which allows each decal to appear hand painted. Because of the thin nature of the vinyl decals are not reusable, however, they are easily removable from most surfaces. Simply peel off the wall when you're ready for a change! Damage to walls when removing the decals is not typical, though it cannot be guaranteed.

Decals adhere best to smooth surfaces, though they can be used on slightly textured walls. Use the decals on walls, windows, mirrors, chalkboards or anywhere you can think of!

If you'd like the ability to move your decal around your home, an idea we love is to adhere the decal to mat board and frame it. Add a photo, or other keepsake to commemorate something special!

Measurement: 8" x 1"