Wooden Toy Camera

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$36.00SGD $40.00SGD

These wooden cameras are the perfect accessory for pretend play. Take them on a nature walk and let your little photographer see the world through the view finder.

The cameras are equipped with a turnable dial and lens and have a small view finder for little eyes to look through.

Made from natural pine timber, with a cotton strap for a soft finish. They are sanded smooth and hand painted. They come packaged in a lovely little calico drawstring bag.

Due to the difference in wood grains and the nature of handmade, your camera will not be exactly the same as the one pictured. It will however, be just as nice!

Designed and made in Australia.

Size: 9 x 6 cm (camera body)

Materials: natural pine wood, cotton strap

Age Group: 3 and up

Please note that these cameras are for pretend play and do not take actual photographs. The cameras are for children aged 3 and up and are not to be used as a teether or a chew toy. Always monitor children while playing with toys that have small attachment parts. They could become loose overtime and become a choking hazard.