Washing up Whisk Cereal Fibre

0.1 kg

A classic washing-up whisk in natural cereal root, hand-made in the Scandinavian tradition with two windings of organic cotton twine that makes it feel extra firm in the hands. Perfect for cleaning pots and pans. Put the whisk in boiling water for a few minutes before its first use. This seals the fibres, making them tougher and more resilient, and totally impervious to water. With its old-time look, you’ll find it tough enough to scrub stubborn messes, but gentle enough for enamel and porcelain. You’ll never go back to using scrub sponges again! Combine with other hand-made brushes from this range for a trendy, robust and raw look. With easy maintenance, this washing-up whisk will last a very long time: Shake out excess water and allow to dry with the bristles down, or store by hanging from its cotton twine loop.

Size: 50 x 135 mm

Material: Cereal Root / Cotton Windings

Founded already in the late 1900th century, Iris Hantverk is known especially for its high-quality brushes, made from natural materials by visually impaired craftsmen in Sweden and Estonia.