Vintage Map Storage Cases

0.35 kg
$12.90SGD $14.90SGD

The set of three snuggly fit inside on another, or when filled, can be neatly stacked. The set is made out of strong card and is detailed with leatherette straps and brass fixings. 
This suitcase is made from cardboard which is 100% recycled and leather handle finishing. 

9 x 20 x 9 / 25 x 18 x 8 / 20 x 15 x 8 cm

Large: 29cm (length) x 20cm (width) x 9cm (height)

Medium: 25cm (length) x 18cm (width) x 8cm (height)

Small: 20cm (length) x 15cm (width) x 8cm (height)


Note:Due to the material used of this product, uneven surface and uneven joining point between cardboard. Golden coating on the plastic grip may not be perfect too. These are not classified as defect or quality issue.