Twist & Turn Airtight Container - Assorted Size

0.5 kg

Store anything in this airtight container, from wet food to dry ingredients. The smart sealing lid is ideal for dry and wet food storage; locks in place with a simple twist and creates a lock and seal.

With the modular and stackable design, these containers will make more efficient use of every inch of your kitchen pantry cabinets or drawer.

Product Details

Capacity: 800ml, 1300ml, 1400ml and 3400ml

Material: ABS/PP/Silicone (Lid) Made from BPA-free, food-safe

Modular design makes it easy to stack and organise inside your pantry

Can be used to organize food in your pantry or fridge 

Can be used to store dried food, grains or pasta etc.

Comes with silicone ring to ensure no leakage when holding liquid and keeps food fresh and dry.