The Montessori Book of Words and Numbers: Raising a Creative and Confident Child (Paperback)

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The Montessori Book of Words and Numbers is a fun-filled practical activity book full of inspiration to help parents introduce their children to essential language and numeracy skills. The activities in this book equip young children with the tools to begin their journey to reading, writing and maths, instilling a love of words and numbers. Exercises are based on sound early-learning principles and are focused for children aged two and up. Activities cover language development, reading, counting, and basic mathematical concepts, all with a healthy dose of adventure, and with worksheets to complement the activities.

Through creative play, your child will learn to:

  • Make up stories with props
  • Learn the phonic alphabet through play
  • Read using words and picture cards
  • Learn odd and even numbers
  • Add numbers together and much more
  •  Paperback | 176 pages
  •  152 x 210 x 17mm