The Big Book series (Hardback)

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The Big Book Series is a collection of oversized nonfiction books full of interesting facts and beautiful art!  Each book in the series focuses on a topic beginning with the letter "B" -- from Birds and Bugs to Blooms and Beasts.  The ocean is affectionately referred to as "the Blue."  With such a large format (roughly 9.5"x14"), it's easy for little readers to become fully immersed in each spread.

Detailed illustrations are coupled with short chunks of text throughout. Information is presented in question/answer format, brief lists, and simple phrases. With so much information in each, they're perfect to pair with units of study in science.  

Each of the books have search and find elements for added engagement and include a page of vocabulary words at the end.

Hardback | 64 pages
230 x 340 x 12.7mm