Practise with Peppa: Wipe-Clean Series (Paperback)

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This fun Peppa Pig activity book series are perfect for young readers who are learning from home and are beginning to write, this book will help children to practise pen control and the correct formation of letters, including help for left-handers.

Each page has shiny, wipe-clean pages and a special pen to make practising as easy as A, B, C!

Each page provides practice of themed words that children will come across, both at school and in the Peppa world, to help support school and home learning. 

Help your child to trace over the words/numbers/times or write them out, then wipe the pages clean using the special eraser on top of the pen and practise again!

This book is perfect for helping to support children as they learn to spell simple English words or numbers at home.

  •  Paperback | 16 pages
  •  215 x 297 x 11mm