Penco Pile Up Caddy

0.2 kg

Stackable storage for all the small stuff around you such as stationery or tools. The opening on the side makes it easy to pick up the items. You can carry it wherever with the handles and also make a small shelf on the desk. With a wide range of colors, the possibilities are endless!

The Penco Pile Up Caddy can store small stationery goods, tools, cosmetics, keys, or anything else that would otherwise float around the house. By stacking multiple caddies on top of each other, you can create your own custom storage. Add several rows of caddies next to each other for more storage space and stability. With the open front, you will always have easy access to your favourite bits and bobs.

Note: We recommend stacking maximum 3 pieces.

Size: W13 x H9.5 x D18 cm

Material: PP

Made in Taiwan