Onion Basket - Assorted

0.1 kg

Just the right size for small onions, herbs, shallots or garlic bulbs.  A lovely way to make use of wall space in the kitchen or pantry whilst saving precious counter space.

While this basket is called an Onion basket (because of its size and shape), you can use it to store anything such as small hanging plants, dried flowers, art & craft material and so on. Or use in your bathroom to store and display soaps, or anything else you want to have handy but want off the counter.

Mount it on the wall on a hook or over peg rail or S hook.

Round basket measures approx. 19cm tall (including handle) x 15cm in diameter.

Long basket measures approx. 23cm (including handle) x 15cm in diameter.


Please note as our baskets are all handmade, they may vary slightly in size and shape. Every basket is entirely handwoven and may have imperfections. Suitable for light items only.