Montessori Learning Board

0.3 kg

Use this board to help your child to practice number, letter or shape recognition. Use the first part to read what it is. Use the middle part for loose parts to recreate and the third to practice writing or drawing.

This practical Wooden Learning Board provides a good structure for your child to learn the English alphabet by using alphabet discs or letter cubes. They are foundational to put the first short words together with your child! The board has 3 divisions: place a letter in the first left column, re-create the letter (for example, by using small grains) in the second column, and in the third one – write the letter down with a chalk.

Consider using flash cards with letters and words as well. Later, encourage your child to come up with own letters and words. The whole activity enriches a spelling experience, introduces first letter-writing skills along with an abundance of various manipulative materials of your choice during playful learning.

Age: 3-8 years

Size approx. 18 x 32 cm. Board do not come with other learning accessories such as cards or letter cubes

This product is made from plantation timber (Rubber wood) using non toxic, child safe materials. Please note that wooden items and colour will vary due natural wood grain. Made in Turkey.