Mayonnaise & Ketchup Bottle (R)

0.4 kg

Are you looking for a way to send sauce and dip with your kid's lunch? We have the perfect solution for you. Check out this adorable set of 2 condiment bottles. They are great for sending Ketchup, mayo, syrup, or any other favourite sauce. The cute food faces will be perfect for encouraging little ones to eat as they’ll enjoy using these sauce bottles. With their miniature size, they will fit perfectly into any bento box!

Mayonnaise Bottle: 9.5cm × 3.5cm × 3.3cm (0.37" x 0.14" x 0.13")

Ketchup Bottle: 9.0cm × 3.5cm × 3.5cm (0.35" x 0.14" x 0.14")

Capacity: approx 45ml (1.52 fl oz)