Magblox® Challenge Card

0.4 kg

These beautiful printed cards will help to improve visual thinking, problem-solving, and concentration.

The challenge cards can be a great addition to their day to day activities to help estimulate their building skills:


18 Vivid cards

3 challenging levels ( Beginners - Intermediate - Advance)

2D and 3D structures are available on a double-sided card.

QR Code available on Intermediate and advanced levels with access to our Youtube Tutorials.

Our MAGBLOX® is suitable for children ages 3 years and up.

MAGBLOX® Challenge cards is exclusive learning material by JC Ingenium®.

Increase your child's STEAM learning and activities through:

  • Building and construction skills Learning about symmetry and patterns
  • Building and understanding 2D and 3D shapes and structures
  • Shape recognition Mathematical and spatial relationships
  • Persistence, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination abilities
  • Endless Creativity