Little Big Feelings Series (Board Books)

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With delightful illustrations from Marie Paruit on every page, this is the perfect book for parents and carers to share with young children who may be experiencing episodes of anger and to develop their emotional intelligence. Explanations, hints and tips from Early Years expert Dr Janet Rose will provide parents with all the extra guidance they need.

A lovely series of books with colourful illustrations and interactive pages that encourage children to explore and share their emotions. The wheels, flaps and sliders provided great discussion points, for example, “thinking of things that make you happy”. For this reason, the books are great for reading together as they raise a lot of questions to ask and respond to and get the whole family talking about their feelings.

Our testers found them particularly helpful for younger children as it helped them with starting to recognise and put words to their emotions rather than having a tantrum to express themselves. The books also contain lots of simple tips and ideas which can easily be done at home, for example, encouraging kindness through earning pebbles for a pebble jar.

Perfect for sharing, you’ll find explanations, hints and practical tips from Early Years expert Dr Janet Rose providing expert extra guidance for parents and carers. Lift the flaps, slide the tabs and turn the wheel as you explore the pages together and complete the simple ‘Try This’ activities.


Board book, 10 pages

Product Dimensions: 197 x 197 x 16mm 

Age: 12-36 months