Kitchen Strainer Colander Bowl Set

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This smart nesting strainer/colander set is perfect for small kitchen for rinsing and straining, storing fruit and vegetable. Two durable modern colanders with lid in graduating sizes do it all, and after you are done, store in a minimum of space. Minimalist Japanese design with kitchen-to-table appeal; colanders feature design feature to enable stacking and faster draining. Lid keep prepped ingredients and leftovers fresh in the fridge too.

Draining different ingredients is a simple task with two colanders, and the smaller colander conveniently stacks inside the larger for space-saving storage in small kitchens. 

Use the removable basket to rinse them under the faucet, strain them over the sink, and then nest it right inside the container.


Size (approx.) Lid: 16.5 cm (width) X 16.5 cm (depth) X 1 cm (height)

Shallow colander: 16 cm (width) X 16 cm (depth) X 5 cm (height)

Deep colander: 16 cm (width) X 16 cm (depth) X 7.5 cm (height) Bat: 16 cm (width) X 16 cm (depth) X 7.5 cm (height) 

Full water capacity (approx.) 1.2L Heat resistance temperature 100°C


Precautions for use in microwave ovens Please use within the heat-resistant temperature. Do not heat food that contains oil or fat. Do not use functions such as automatic heating or heating on demand. Doing so may increase the heating time and cause deformation or damage. Do not use functions such as "auto heating" or "heating on autopilot" as these may prolong the heating time and cause deformation or damage. Please be careful with small amounts of food or food with low moisture content. Immediately after heating, the body and lid are very hot. Be sure to use mittens when removing the lid and be careful not to burn yourself. When opening the lid after heating, be careful of hot steam.

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