Julia Rothman's Anatomy Series (Paperback)

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With each book in her Anatomy series, illustrator Julia Rothman sets out to learn about the natural world, finding no limits to the flora, fauna, and phenomena that pique her curiosity.

In Farm Anatomy, Nature Anatomy, and Food Anatomy, Rothman's whimsical eye and curious nature shed an imaginative light on all the parts and pieces of our world. These beautiful, brimming pages are guaranteed to delight and inform readers and explorers of all ages.

Perfect for the wonderer in all of us, each book is a deep dive into our planet’s many marvels. What will you discover today? Rothman’s popular line drawings offer a whimsical and educational guide to life on a farm, nature’s hidden wonders, and delectable tidbits from kitchens and pantries around the globe.

165 x 229 x 22.86mm