Ham & Cheese Cutter Set 'Animal Costume'

0.3 kg

Bring bears, squirrels, rabbits and lions to lunch, complete with fun faces!

This cute tool set helps make cute animal face shapes to decorate your bento rice or open sandwich. Ideal on cheese, carrot and ham slices.

Includes tweezers and pusher pick to help this bento decoration easier. 

Approximate Size

Bear : abt. 40×44×20  Lion : abt. 45×51×20

Squirrel : abt. 54×63×20

Rabbit (S) : abt. 45×43×20

Rabbit (M) : abt. 50×52×20

Face (S) : abt. 27×30×13.5

Face (M) : abt. 30.5×35.5×13.5

Face (Lion) : abt. 31×35×13.5

Imported from Japan