White Drop-Front Storage Box - 2 Sizes

1.0 kg

Our new Drop-Front Storage Box protects your belonging against dust while keeping them easy to access thanks to the side and front opening. The top wooden cover lid doubled as a table top. 

Great as a bedside table, picnic table, coffee table or just for storage at home. 

The side and front opening means you don't have to unstack boxes to get something you want. It's an easy way to keep shoes, handbag collection protected from dust while keeping them easy to access. 

Comes with detachable wheels so you can move the boxes easily around the house.

Medium measures 44cm x 31.5cm x 26cm

Large measures 48cm x 36cm x 28.5cm


Self assembled storage box. Keep them flat when not in use.

Wood cover is made from compressed wood. Keep dry.