Chineasy Memory Card Game

0.4 kg

Line up all the cards on the master board while trying to learn all the Chinese characters by its meaning. Our specially designed images are visual cues to the characters and its definition. Then flip all cards to the back and start challenging yourself to recognize all the words!

  • 60 x 66 x 71mm | 380g

'Turns a fiendish world into a visual treat ... shines a spotlight of childlike clarity on the seemingly impenetrable world of Chinese ideograms ... beautifully illustrated'

'A set of illustrated tiles that weave characters into quirky pictures that help you to see their meaning and etymology as you play the game. It could even make learning Chinese, well, easy'

About the Author

Born in Taipei and now living in London, ShaoLan Hsueh is a creator, entrepreneur, geek, writer, traveller and dreamer.
Chineasy is based on a method that ShaoLan designed to help her two British born children learn to read Chinese. She launched Chineasy after a rousingly well-received TED Talk in Long Beach, California in 2013. Her aim with Chineasy is to help anyone in the world to understand China, Chinese culture and its language.
For her this is also an arts project, as she grew up in an artistic family, being the daughter of a ceramic artist and a calligrapher. She is connecting the dots by going back to her artistic upbringing, and connecting her life's journey through the East and West.