Bread/Rice Shaper 'Vehicles'

0.4 kg

Our cutters are the easiest way to create fun, bento sized sandwich bites to go! Explore your creativity side by trying out our food cutters in different ways.

This set contains four popular vehicle designs - police car, choo choo train, boat and air plane. The cutters are suitable for cookies, sandwiches and sushi rice.

The best way is to cut or stamp one slice of bread at a time.

After you cut your bread you can place the cuts into your cute bento box or lunch box. You can even get creative and decorate your cute bread out with other sauces, by tracing the crease to emphasize the designs (optional).

As the cutter features no sharp edges, it is safe for use by kids. These sandwich cutters will make lunch making more fun, you can make DIY sandwiches with your kids, and spend a good time in the kitchen with your kids.



Police Car : 36 × 68 × 54 mm

Choo-choo train: 36 × 65 × 53.5 mm

Boat : 36 × 62.5 × 53 mm

Air Plane : 36 × 72 × 56 mm