Goodbyn strives to make a difference in how people think about preparing food on-the-go — for themselves, for those they care about, and for the planet.

Our mission is purposeful: 
Love where your lunch takes you.
Design and manufacture products that make healthy eating on-the-go as easy as possible. 

Love Mother Nature.
Design and manufacture products that will never end up as landfill. 100% recyclability. 

Love your zero-waste, magic lunch™. 
Design and manufacture products that eliminate the need for one-time-use packaging. 

Love your lunchbox.
Design and manufacture products that inspire an emotional connection between consumer and product. 

Goodbyn was founded in 2009 by designers/parents that believe well-designed products should make life more enjoyable and simpler. We were frustrated with the amount of waste that was created by packing lunch: everything was going to landfill — the lunchbox, plastic bags, drink boxes, as well as uneaten food.

Since our first sale in August of 2009, we have sold close to 1 million Goodbyn products domestically and internationally. By our estimation Goodbyn products have kept hundreds of millions of items out of landfill. We can't precisely calculate how much garbage this is in terms of pounds but it does make us smile to think about it.

We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating innovative products that are well-designed, make on-the-go eating a breeze and put smiles on the faces of our customers.

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