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(READY STOCK) Wobbel Starter (Transparent without felt)


Let us tell you more about....our new Wobbel Starter®️!

✔ smaller, but still holds 100kg easily
✔ lighter, so easier for little ones to lift, turn and cart around 
✔ gentle curve, so perfectly balanced 
✔ indestructible and easy to clean recycled felt, made primarily from recycled bottles 
✔ a slimmer waist, and accented corners gives it maximum stability when flipped over 
✔ we’ve done some magic in how we build up the layers of wood, which makes the Starter®️ more flexible ✔ children don’t outgrow it because the format also allows them to practice awesome skateboard moves on it 
✔ it’s the ultimate travel Wobbel®️: on holiday, to school, to a play date

Age: we’re not assigning an age. We’re inviting. And seeing advantages for very young children, and children with ‘young’ motor skills. This Wobbel®️ has been extensively tested like all the others, and is safe from 0 to 100 years.

Product Details:
Measurements: 70 x 27.5 cm, use weight up to 100 kilograms.
Material: Made of many layers of the best European beech wood (FSC).
Child friendly finish.
Water based translucent lacquer.

For all Frequently Asked Questions, refer to here.

Is it a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a hut, a step, a racetrack, a lounge seat, or an elephants back?  It’s all of that and more!  Wobbel boards invite movement and play indoors; stimulate creativity and imagination; encourage strength, balance and poise; and have practical uses too.  Children instinctively know what the possibilities are and keep discovering new ways to play with the Wobbel.  

Wobbel is a beautiful and robust redesign of a traditional Steiner (Waldorf) balance board (the vision of two Waldorf families in The Netherlands). Wobbel is for all ages and due to its length (90cm) grows with your child – a young child can crawl into it and gently rock back and forth, while older children will build their gross motor skills.  Wobbel is great for playing, interacting and getting fit together!  A Wobbel is more than that though!  Children will use the Wobbel in all sorts of ways in imaginary play, as a bridge for animals and vehicles, a base for building, or even a roof or home for toys.

For children:

  • Gets them moving indoors!

  • Builds strength and a sense of balance and coordination

  • Is calming and therapeutic

  • Engages left and right brain and assists sensory Integration

  • Used in imaginative and open-ened play

  • Felted-base option which allows a non.-slip surface for building with toys, and in use around the home for a step and a stool.

  • Used by Occupational Therapists & Phsyiotherapists; Educators and Waldorf Extra-Lesson teachers.

For Adults:

Because Wobbel is tested up to 200kg, both the Original and XL can be used by Adults too. 

  • Builds core strength and muscle tone
  • Assists your Yoga practise - encourages balance & flexibilty
  • For rehabilitation - pelvic floor strength, mobility of joints etc
  • Relaxation and stress release


Wobbel  have not compromised on quality and only use the best materials. Producing a Wobbel is a complex process that we sourced from the best wood bending factory in Europe. The Wobbel is made of pressed sustainable European beech wood, treated with waterbased paints and varnishes. Wobbel choose beechwood as it is a European timber that has the same incredible strength as oak as opposed to birchwood which is about 25% softer.  As Wobbel are made in Europe, the eco footprint is also smaller compared to products where European timbers are shipped off to Asian factories.  


Always let children play under adult supervison.  Help children to get used to the Wobbel and assist them as needed.  Teach your child to never hold the edges, and to be aware of fingers and toes getting caught under the board.  Provide at least 2 meters of free space (also to other children) around the Wobbel and place on a flat, horizontal surface.  Barefoot and non-slip shoes prevent slipping.  Wobbel is designed for indoor play; it may be used outdoors but this will increase wear and tear to the board and the felt base.