SmartLab Toys Ultimate Vortex Generator (20 Experiments)

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The Smart Lab Ultimate Vortex Generator is designed to inspire potential scientists with fun experiments. Your child will learn how to create a tornado inside a beaker. Your child will also learn how to combine, mix, blend and siphon with their own formula to create amazing and fascinating science experiments. SmartLab Toys Our passion is creating toys and games that give children and parents opportunities to learn and play together. 

  • A tornado in a beaker - 20 kitchen chemistry whirling, swirling science experiments
  • A Vortex mixer for conducting experiments elevates kitchen chemistry toys to the next level and teaches additional science concepts that allow for combining, mixing, blending, and siphoning.
  • This standalone toy integrates with SmartLab’s best-selling Ultimate Secret Formula Lab toy, allowing consumers to add onto their existing USFL or start their lab with the Magnetic Vortex Mixer.