SmartLab Toys All-Natural Forest Friends Spa Soaps Science Toy

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Make bubbly bunnies, sudsy squirrels, and colorful critters, adding natural ingredients for soaps that soothe, smooth, and nourish your skin! Perfect for sleepovers, parties, or an indoor activity for rainy days, Spa Soaps Forest Friends lets you get creative while exploring the scientific principles involved in soap-making.

This kit contains the tools and ingredients you need to make adorable forest-themed glycerin soaps. Inside, you'll find 3 bars of clear glycerin soap base, 3 bars of white soap base, 3 color chips you can combine to make your favourite colours, 3 sets of molds with 15 shapes, and a leaf-shaped soap dish.

Includes a 24-page illustrated activity book with 20 experiments demonstrating chemical principles involving surface tension and emulsions. Natural ingredients from your garden or cupboard are all that's needed to transform your suds-worthy forest friends into ahhh-some bath buddies.