MAGBLOX® 24 Piece Accessory Set


MAGBLOX® Accessory Set was designed to foster children's imagination with the use of different geometric shapes to build and create more complex structures that allow children to imagine bigger and have lots of fun.

Our Accessory Pack includes:

1 Car
6 E Shapes
6 Rectangles
2 Arches
2 Windows
2 Hollow Squares
5 H Shapes

    The colors, translucency, and magnets allow children to build and create in ways they can't with standard building blocks.

    What makes us different from other brands?

    MAGBLOX® is compatible with other magnetic tile brands. They are safe, durable, and made with food-grade ABS recycle plastic, BPA free, and plastic-free of phthalates.

    Increase your child's STEAM learning and activities through:

    • Building and construction skills Learning about symmetry and patterns
    • Building and understanding 2D and 3D shapes and structures
    • Shape recognition Mathematical and spatial relationships
    • Persistence, problem-solving, hand-eye coordination abilities
    • Endless Creativity

    MAGBLOX® is a unique design magnetic building tiles by JC Ingenium®. 

    All MAGBLOX® building sets are compatible with other major brands.