Sweet Heart Plate with Spoon

0.4 kg

Heart shape plate with a suction base that keeps it in place, minimising spills as your little ones learn how to feed themselves.

Comes with a matching spoon and available in 2 colours. 

Made from 100% food grade silicone, BPA-free (in accordance with current regulations), PVC-free, phthalate-free

Tip: Do note that this product has minimal suction especially when pulled/lifted sideways. To improve suction, you are advised to wipe the base and surface with water to ensure no dust particles between surfaces. Suction is most effective when on a clean and smooth surface. Simply press the centre of the plate down to release any air for the best suction. Be sure to press down firmly at the top of the heart shape. Oils or grime will deter suction. Rough plastic or grainy, porous timbers are not ideal for air tight suction.

Recommended Age: 4-6 months onwards

Pair it with one of our gorgeous silicone bibs and table placemats for a super easy clean up! 

Care: Dishwasher safe on top rack