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Hanyu Pinyin Learning Partner Book (Audio Book)

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Our Interactive Hanyu Pinyin Learning Partner book introduces your child to Hanyu Pinyin, to learnt heir letters A - Z, sound and 

differentiate consonants (声母 shēng mǔ) and vowels (韵母 yùn mǔ). It can also record down your own voice while learning!

Each book comes with easy to remember tips about Hanyu Pinyin and is filled with interactive buttons for Q&A to subtly test your kids on what they have learnt! There is also a complimentary wipe erase alphabet card & marker pen to practise writing. As they say, learning through play is the best way!

Take learning activities with you on the road, this book is perfect for indoor play, car rides, airplane travel, long trips and more.

Age: 3 years old +