Grapat Adult Nins

0.55 kg
This Grapat toy set includes 2 Adult Nins® carved from light wood.

These large  size Nins® can be added to your family of peg dolls to create a beautiful wooden peg doll family. Larger than the normal Nin® peg doll, these naturally lend themselves to represent the adults in the family. Without gender or mood, they can be introduced to a huge range of scenarios, from role play based on your child's own family life, to helping create story sacks. 

These handcrafted, wooden Waldorf peg dolls are adaptable to imaginative play, from using in a doll's house, to a farm scene. The light wood used makes them ideal for use as fair skinned peg dolls. When combined with other peg dolls from the Grapat range, they can be used in size sorting play ideas, as well as inviting questions about different generations in your family and around the world. 

These Grapat Nins are beautifully crafted, with 1 body stained black and the other stained white. The natural, solid wood feels wonderfully smooth in a child's hand, and reconnects them to the wonderful world of nature, as well as being an eco-friendly toy that will last throughout their childhood. 

Recommended for 10+ months.

Adult Nins® measure 10cm in height.  

Grapat toys are hand made using natural wood and water based stain. Colours and wood grains vary as does life itself. Over time wood can wear with play.