Day and Night (Novelty Book)

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The forest is filledwith cheeps and with howls.
During day there are bluebirds,
at night wolves and… owls.

Tug the tab to reveal the different animals that delight in day and night. From the wonderful rainforest to the sweltering savannah, there’s plenty to discover with the magically dissolving windows in this bright board book.

Day and Night is a rhyming board book that teaches children about a few of the animals that live in certain places, such as the desert or jungle and who is awake during the day, and who wakes up at night-time.

The book is a switch-a-picture book in that it has a pull section on each page. The picture initially shows an animal during the day and then the child pulls the puller and the cut-out section turns to night time. On the puller is also information about the new animal it is now showing.

Board book, 10 pages

216 x 216 mm