Christmas Tree Shaped Candle - Assorted

0.15 kg

Christmas is a time when it seems fairy tales come to life. 

This Christmas tree shaped candle is perfect for lighting all season long, or just as decoration. Add a touch of holiday cheer with this warm and beautiful Christmas candles.

Before lighting, please trim the wick to 1/8"-1/4" and center it. Once the wick is too long or not centered during burning, please extinguish the flame in time, trim the wick, and center it.

We recommend not burning more than 2 hours at a time.

FOR SAFETY: Always keep the candle on a heat-safe plate or a candleholder. Keep away from combustible materials/things. Do not leave lighted candles in unattended places and out of the reach of pets or children.

8.5cm W x 10cmH

Material:Paraffin Wax


Each one is handmade and wrapped by hand, and due to the nature of this, they may vary slightly, some small imperfections may be present, which does not affect the use.