BuddyPhones School+ Wired with Beam Mic Headset for Kids

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BuddyPhones School+ are everyday headphones transformed into the ideal tool for homeschooling.

Bright colorful designs. 4 custom-designed metallic, embossed stickers included. Kids can listen together with friends using the BuddyCable system. Use the built-in mic for Skype calls with Grandma or fun language lessons.

Volume-limiting circuitry caps loudness at the World Health Organization’s recommended 85dB safe level while a high-quality boom mic picks up the child’s voice clearly and minimizes distracting background noise.

The headband pad and ear cushions were designed for extreme comfort and can be worn for extended periods with ease.

  • SafeAudio 85dB  (Max Volume Limiting)
  • Audio Tuned Towards the Spoken Vocal Range
  • High Performance Boom-mic with Control Button, 1.4 Meter Long
  • Foldable & Cushioned Headband
  • Super Durable
  • Built-in BuddyJack for Sharing
  • Hypo-allergenic Cushion with Anti-sweat Wicking Fabric
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Decorative Stickers x 4
  • DIY Coloring Stickers
  • Custom Name Tags
5 out of 5 stars 

Very comfortable and useful

This helps my girl a lot for school since she has had online classes many times and it has been very easy for her and comfortable to use. It is not a heavy product, it feels and looks strong and resistant, the pad on the upper part and on the listening part gives you comfort and at the same time it is sweat absorbent, the package includes a bag to store them while they are not in use which I find great for durability. My little girl loved the stickers for the fun colors and designs on her and she even brings a couple to personalize which unleashes her imagination. The microphone is very comfortable, it can be heard perfectly and it does not pick up alternate noises, which gives it clarity when listening when she speaks. I highly recommend them.