Puppy & Kitty Onigiri Set

0.4 kg

Make the cutest Puppy & Kitty Omusubi with this set!(⌒_⌒)

You can easily shape 3D animal rice balls with this set; it includes a rice 'push' mould with a handle to remove the rice easily, ham & cheese cutter with different face parts and a nori puncher to cut expressions - combine them to create your own variations ! 

There are a few simple steps :

  1. Put the rice in the mold
  2. Cut a sheet of nori (seaweed) with the nori puncher, ham & cheese with the cutter on the cutting mat.
  3. Place the cut out pieces on the rice and voila!

Material: Rice ball type / Polypropylene, Cutter / ABS resin, Cutter mat / Silicone rubber
Size (approx.): Rice ball type Length 11 x Width 7 x Height 4.5 cm


Great for bento lunch box or even meals at home.

Recommended hand wash only.